Koh Lanta Travel Information By ANDAMAN THAILAND
Koh Lanta Travel Information by ANDAMAN THAILANDLanta Island Travel Information by ANDAMAN THAILAND

Koh Lanta Travel Information

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Koh Lanta Travel Information

The Ko Lanta (Island) archipelago is made up of over fifty small islands, although there are people living on only three of these; Lanta Yai, Lanta Noi and Ko Ngai, Lanta Yai is the island proving most attractive to tourists, claiming the majority of impressive beaches and activities for visitors. The population for the region is fo approximately 20,000 people, with 10,000 of these residing on Lanta Yai, and most of those of the Thai-Muslim faith. inhabitants main income is from rubber farming, fishing, palm tree, coconut and cashew nut plantations, and of course the travel industry.

The island itself runs from North to South, with the West coast established as the main tourist area, offering accommodations for all budgets, avariety of activities, and and attractive choice of bars and restaurants. Picture-perfect sunsets can be seen from any of the many beaches, while the colourful local fishing boats known as "Long Tails", bob lazily in the foreground.

The East coast is far less developed, and extends a chance for the more curious explorer to glimpse life without tourism. Facing toward the mainland, the coast is largely consists of mangroves, with some yellow sand beaches towards the southern end. It's here that you'll also find the ancient Sea Gypsy Village, home to the indigenous settlers on Ko Lanta, who live in harmony with the sea.

Weather on Ko Lanta is precisely typical for a country experiencing regular tropical monsoons, with just two seasons per year, the hot season and the wet season. Two monsoons affect ko lanta directly, one coming in from the west coast which starts around May, and one from the East coast which generally starts in October.

Klong Dao Beach

This beach is the most populous of those offered on Lanta, with several bungalows at very reasonable prices. Located 2 km from the Saladan pier, this beach offers visitors clean, sparkling sand, tepid, translucent waters, and excellent views of the surrounding areas.

Pha-Ae Beach (Long Beach)

At the northern end of Lanta, this beach is known for its fine sand and quickly shelving coastline.
Where to stay: Accommodation at Phra Ae are extremely affordable, and the food is sumptious. Like most of the beaches on Lanta Island, recreational activities are few and far between.

Klong Kong Beach

This beach, 2 km south of Phra Ae, is extremely peaceful, and has excellent accommodation at bargain prices. Although the food is not quite as good as at Phra Ae, the beaches are isolated, tranquil and serene.

Klong Nin Beach

Like nearly all the beaches on Lanta, Klong Nin is isolated and quiet. Fine, sandy beaches are essentially all one will encounter here, and the accommodations are adequate. Again, this is not the place to go if you want to go jet-skiing or para-sailing, but perfect if you want to read a book on a beautiful beach.

Ba Kantiang Beach

Towards the southern tip of the island, Kantiang beach is one of the most beautiful on Koh Lanta.
Although accommodations are only average, the sparkling sands and iridescent aquamarine waters more than compensate. There is also excellent snorkeling available in the surrounding area.

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Klong Nin beach
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Ba Kan Tieng beach
Koh Lanta Travel Information By ANDAMAN THAILAND
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